010011.net / machine for making sense

"An anti google. Or, Maimonides builds a wiki.

While google says it has the answer and what you have to do is learn how to ask the right question, 010011 is a celebration of the question you are trying to learn how to ask. A machine for making sense. 

Say, for example, you’re interested in causality. You may want to try searching ‘therefore.’ Maybe something like 500 references. Adorno and Borges through to Twitter, Warburg and Zizek, all of which can be expanded to their context paragraphs or even complete texts. (It is of course possible to search for two terms at once. Or within texts.) In the user input/feedback box you’ll also find a number of links and or suggestions for possible supplementary searches. And like any desk, texts can be linked and or rewritten or synthesized. Though maybe not in your favourite style. This, however, is the point. It’s your input which is required. If you like your notes, save them to your computer or send them to yourself or someone else. Knowledge after all is only knowledge if it’s in motion.” 

Chris Mann, 2013